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Pata078 05-26-2010 08:46 PM

Finally, I have it (GSR rebuild begins)
Yesterday I saw this ad on Craigslist of some dude parting out his 2000 GSR Integra with "Low Compression Motor" and I called to check it out. Got there and it was bone stock! We talked and chit chatted for a while and I said that I'll call and be back then.

After leaving to have lunch, I was thinking about it and called the dude back to negotiate. I just wanted the Long Block so I dropped some hundreds on the Valve Cover and said "I just want the Complete Long Block here you go". lol

He thought about and thought about it and said "ok, but I'm kepping the Exhaust Manifold". I said "ok, get your money". SOLD!

I took off and today with the help on my Homie and his engine hoist, pulled it out and brought it home.....

Here she is

Pata078 05-26-2010 08:47 PM

I will have to take the head off and see what's going on. Here is where my connects come into play and my fun begins.

Rebuild Time Son!

chris42192 05-26-2010 09:41 PM

HAHAHA There she is, the moment Pata and us have been waiting for....haha p.s. i knw sumone whos sellin a j32 for....:mobigga: haha anyway..nice find once again pata!

em1Memo 05-26-2010 11:37 PM

nice =)

MobiggaLX 05-26-2010 11:58 PM

i love my GSR hella powerful u need to get the skunk2 manifold for it hella diffrence in power

Pata078 05-27-2010 12:39 AM

I'm keep this hella stock intake manifold yo because I'm going to hella tweek it out yo and I going to start doing hella overtime at work yo so I can get extra hella monies to rebuild this b!tch yo :biggrin:

I just remembered I forgot the spark plug cover on the valve cover :/

SweetHonda24 05-27-2010 05:16 AM

Yeeaaaahhhh booooyeeee!

CivicRida 05-27-2010 07:52 AM

Nice find pata. Now the fun begins!

Pata078 05-27-2010 01:03 PM

Here's where all my sh!t talking about vtak is going to slap me back in the face :biggrin:

terrynfischer 05-27-2010 01:29 PM

Nice LMAO pata beautiful man I want one. what are the plans for this bit#@. I have some shit for it lmao. got AEM cold air intake ill see what else.

chris42192 05-27-2010 01:30 PM

haha cuz u dnt have VTAK!

Pata078 05-27-2010 07:56 PM

First Plan is to remove the head and take it to a machine shop. I personally know of one close by (when I was cleaning up a y7 head a while back) and my Homie knows of this other place local also.

BUT, today my Homie said he found another machine shop that does good sh!t so I'm going to check it out. He went to drop off v8 heads and noticed Honda heads in there too!

I love the fact that I have everything around here :cool:

chris42192 05-28-2010 12:19 AM

terrynfischer 05-28-2010 12:45 PM

yeah seriously good machine work is hard to find down here.

eg92si 06-03-2010 01:32 AM


Originally Posted by MobiggaLX (Post 113857)
i love my GSR hella powerful u need to get the skunk2 manifold for it hella diffrence in power

lol i have a GSR NOW! i blow my old motor;( so i got me a GSR hhehe

joecivic 06-03-2010 11:44 AM

nice pata. too bad its a sedan though. lol. but i guess you like sedans. guess you will be some of the few quicker sedan civics around (minus the newer Si since it comes sedan also). i wish i lived around there, then id get to have more shops to do things for me.

Pata078 06-03-2010 01:21 PM

That's the MAIN reason why I got it. So it can pull my heavy ass 4dr LOL!
I know now that I will have something to back myself up with.

Too bad its a sedan huh. You'll see when I start getting the same time or even better times then the coupes or hatches :biggrin:

Pata078 06-09-2010 09:56 PM


Today I had a chance to start checking this thing out.

so going back to the seller, according to him, motor has low compression.

Took the valve cover off

my Primo lend me his cylinder leakage tester to check it out.

before testing I noticed the timing marks were way off.
WAY OFF. I'm talking 180 degrees off lol

so I removed pulley and timing belt to align markings...

put belt back on and tighten it for tension...

Here I have it at TDC but the gear marking don't align ?????
off by a tooth..

Pata078 06-09-2010 09:57 PM

So now, going by teh Book, as I put each piston to TDC, we start.

Here are my results as it leaks...

Numero Uno

number 2

number 3

number cuarto

So we're worse on 1 and 3 more then 2 and 4
you can hear the leak thru the exhaust ports :unsure:

Pata078 06-09-2010 09:58 PM

Off comes the Intake Manifold and Dizzy..

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