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Default Been awhile but lot's have happen.

Sorry I been missing an action. Allot have happen since I was gone. Quick update on my life. Got married back in 2009. Fighting with (2) Herniated discs (lower and upper) that happen in 1999 from my motorcycle crash. Just recently I was diagnose with liver damage from all the steroids, cortisone , epidural injections from treating the herniated discs over the years This is why I been out of the game for awhile trying to get my health back in order.

I sold my condo with a detach privet garage and bought a townhouse about 2 years ago and I'm getting ready to sell it in the next few years since I'm looking into a single family home with a (2) car garage.

Next thing I knew I have a Engineering consulting privet firm that I register thru state and federal. lol

The good news is I still have the Integra and it's now in good hands with my engine builder to finally finish it since It's been down for over 7 years and allot with my engine builder on his situation. It's next in line till he finish a mid J motor Del-So.

Just a sneak update the teg is currently down to a rolling shell. It's getting a fresh new engine bay and some exterior and interior changes

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