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Originally Posted by Pata078 View Post
I remember the Civic Meet I went to up in Fresno, Ca.

There's a Bunch 7gen Civics up there.

Here are some pics. The only one I would get if I were to ever go with a 7gen would be the last one pic.

I like this one ^^^^^^^

just make sure it's not a Hybrid.

*george lopez*
mas put....

LOL i know the whole 7thgen norcal crew i now all of them personally i drive up there to meet with them and they come to socal o meet with me i have pics

i know all the guys in those pics u posted pata

1. is BIS red em2
2. Dan with the philipino front end which is in the pic i posted
3. Anthony wit the silver em2
4. and the last one is Keotic

all kool cats we get together as much has possible

i pretty much now all of the 7thgen crews in cali, texas ,Ok,Ny,Flo, Nv all the states y0 where a big family
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