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Default What is VTEC?

Original Article Text by: Prowler
Updates/Editting/Formatting by: 94accordex

Very simply put, VTEC is either the intake and/or exhaust valves being opened up longer to allow more power at higher RPMs. There are various types, including:
  • Standard SOHC VTEC, which is found on D, F, and J-series motors and only has a VTEC lobe for the intake side of the motor; single cam VTEC provides a balance between performance and good fuel economy
  • Standard DOHC VTEC, which is found on B and D-series motors and has VTEC camshaft profiles for both the intake and the exhaust sides of the motor; dual cam VTEC provides a significant power increase over single cam VTEC, but at the cost of slightly reduced fuel economy
  • i-VTEC, which governs when the VTEC engaged based on different sensor readings as opposed to a set RPM output; this is the most advanced form of VTEC, and is only found on K-series motors
  • VTEC-e, which is found in the Civic VX and HX models and is mainly a fuel efficiency feature rather than a performance-enhancing measure

For more detailed explanations, please refer to the following sources:

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