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Exactly how bad are your rust problems? From the pictures I've seen it's not horribly noticeable, but then again I could be wrong.

Anyways, the problem that I see with investing all that money into repairing it or buying a rust free chassis is the simple fact that you could drop a ton of money into it and then be dealing with it again a few years down the road. Unless you're planning on moving somewhere down south in the near future or only driving the car during the summer and then keeping it garaged during the winter (which would most likely involve spending more money on another car for a daily) I'm not sure how wise it would be to dump a ton of money into trying to maintain a rust free 10+ year old car in the Midwest.

My car was pretty much rust free when I bought it last summer, but there's a tiny bit starting to show on the quarters. I'll tell you what though, keeping it washed and waxed real well seems to help slow the rust. I kinda quit caring about the Accord I used to have and didn't frequent the car wash much over the winter and the rust got noticeably worse.

Anyways, my point is, if it was me I'd probably say screw fixing the rust, and just try to keep it clean and as under control as possible, and then work on a turbo setup or nitrous project. You have dumped a lot of time and money into the tranny conversion, so I think it would be kind of a shame not to take it any further.

Think of it this way: go ahead and install turbo/supercharger/nitrous on this car, learn a lot, have fun with it for a year or so, and then maybe you'll be at the point with college done and career and everything where you can afford to have a designated daily driver, a rust free chassis project car, and a garage to keep it in. That's kinda what I'm going for, just have fun with my current car, learn as much as I can, and hopefully within a year or so I'll be in the financial position to start a new project that I don't have to drive daily.

That's just my 2 cents.

Edit: Thought of one more thing. You were saying something in a different post about not wanting to invest in a set of rims until the rust and paint are taken care of. You could always watch the classifieds for a good deal on a used set of rims or even a used set of stock wheels, like LS meshies or GSR blades or 99-00 Si wheels. That's kinda what I'm doing...I'm not sure I want to drop $800-$1000 on a brand new set of wheels and tires for a 10 year old car that has some dents and dings. Just a thought.

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