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Default ohm's law simplified

very simply: it takes 1 Volt, to push 1 Amp, through 1 Ohm of Resistance in an electrical current. This mean's that if the Voltage is doubled, then the Number of Amp's(amperes) of current flowing through a circuit will also double if resistance stay's the same.

Volt's: are electro-motive force, or potential energy. The unit of measurement for the amount of electrical pressure, measured with the volt meter

Amp's, or ampere's: is the measure of current flow in a charged circuit, measured with a ammeter

(the dammed)Resistance: the opposition to current flow, slowing the electrical current, measured with an ohm-meter. Resistance IS inevitable. Causes of "repairable" resistance; poor connection's, corrosion, length and diameter of ground, shorts or seperation's.
Resistance is inevitable, because of the negatively charged element particle's, or negative ion's withing the copper and it's housing.

As many of us know, copper is the standard for wiring, THE ONLY CONDUCTOR wire better than copper is silver, but due to it's price, it's not very practical. But what style(i just learned this recently) large diameter copper stranded cable's ARE NOT what to use, due to the lack of the fibrous wire's, it creates less contact throughout the length of the wire, creating the un-wanted resistance that we (we meaning people with system's, people with high performance engine's, or the knowledge hungry) strive to get rid of.

The best choice in terms of audio, power, and grounding application's, is the large diameter, small multi-stranded fibrous wire's. As the tiny strand's of copper twist an intertwine throughout the cable, it creates thousands upon thousands of contact point's throughout it's travel, creating less resistance.

did you know?
that when you handle a vinyl bag and create a static shock, you just transmitted 7,000 volt's of electricity?
walking across tile or vinyl? 12,000
velour, or carpet seat? 15,000
clear plastic bag? 20,000
walking across the carpet?..............................35,000, pretty sweet huh?

wanna check if your engine coolant is good?
take a volt meter, set it to 12v DC ground the power prod, put the neg prod into your radiator,if it displays a negative reding, switch the prod) and only make contact with the coolant. if it read's under .3, your good. over...bad....except for the gm dexcron? i think it's called it's good until .5

oh ya, done wit north dakota, started school last week for auto technician.
got a 12v auto class, figured i'd share a lil bit , that, an going over this stuff helps me remember lol

oy ya......need something off all access all data? p.m. me, i'll hook it up!
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HSOGuy will become famous soon enough

I know all of this has something to do with my lights dim when I play music. LOL
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