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Default Meet the MOD...

guess I'll get the ball rollin here...

Login is Clyde004...But the name is Gabe, I'm from Houston Tx, but i swing back and forth to Little Rock Ar quite a bit with my kids. I own a remodeling company, but spend most of MY actual time tatooing and tellin my foremen what to do!!! you can chk out some of my ink here http://http://home.comcast.net/~clyde004/site/?/photos/

i'll be adding about 100+ pics soon, so chk it out. i do mostly custom work, so if you need a pattern, hit me up

I drive a 94 Accord Ex, that is currently being rebuilt after the 230hp all motor just blew. Plan to turbo the F23/F22b1 hybrid that we just dropped in it. you can chk my profile here

i've been a member since 2004, and like Finch said, started out as the "local Idiot" s this was my first foreign car ever! but research and lots of "dumb" questions and here i sit! i also have a crew project section on the main forum, so keep an eye on it for more!!

enjoy your time on our forums and dont be afraid to ask questions!
Semper Fidelis " We're surrounded. That simplifies the problem." General Lewis Puller, USMC

94 Accord EX ( my project in the works)

Mod of the month (as voted by members)- 11/07

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Thanks Clyde! Looks like it's my turn...

My name is Ben, and I currently reside in Oxford, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. I'm a recent business school graduate (May of 2007) and right now I'm just trying to find a decent full-time job and enjoying life!

My screen name is 94accordex, but I'm currently driving a 97 Integra LS coupe. I've owned many Honda cars over the years, including an 88 Prelude Si, a 90 Accord LX, and two 94 Accord EX sedans (hence the screen name).

I've been with HSO for almost 5 years now, and I was invited to become a moderator about a year ago. I'm proud to say that everything I know about Honda/Acura has been learned from simply messing with my cars, and from lots and lots of reading, mostly on internet forums just like this one. HSO is a great, friendly place to hang out and ask questions, so don't hesitate to jump right in and start participating!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me for help! Also, I'm currently in the process of revising and updating our FAQ reference section, so if you have any questions about that or have information to contribute, please let me or one of the other mods or admins know.

Enjoy the forums!

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My name is Kevin. I'm originally from Youngstown, OH, but I currently live in Rochester, NY where i got to school at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My major is Mechanical Engineering.

I've been on HSO since 2004 and really only post on this forum because i like it so much!

As far as my Honda experience goes. I've owned my 95' Civic DX since November of 2002. I've done about 90% of the work on it thus far. I also work on other friends Hondas and non-Hondas. I also, spend stupid amounts of time reading internet forums so i know quite a bit of random facts, mostly Honda related. Other than audio i've got a pretty good knowledge of performance tuning theory and vehicle modifications.

Anyway, feel free to pm me, IM me (aim: kdubs4ever, msn: kevoweb@hotmail.com) with any questions you have or if you just want to talk.
1995 Civic DX Last Updated: 6.23.08

"Redline first gear, and then pop the clutch three times. Let your toe lift, then slam it into reverse.VTEC every time...."

1995 Honda Civic DX - sold
2002 Subaru Impreza WRX - teh daily

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I honestly can't remember how long I've been on the forums (Jan 03 according to the panel on the left), but I've been around since the Hondagallery days. Lately I've been quiet around here since moving to Charleston, SC in '06.

I'm currently a technician for Kia & may be moving to Honda.

My experience just came over time and from doing all my own work. I started with a 93 Civic EX coupe, which eventually ended up with a Greddy turbo. An overheating issue thanks to a Nuformz block guard took care of that motor. I ran my 90 DX hatch "winter beater" for a while before doing the DPFI to MPFI conversion. I held onto the hatch for a bit until I picked up an 03 S2000, sold the hatch, and got a 94 DX coupe that I basically left stock except for the audio console and some simple stuff. I ran the lease up on the S2000, sold the Civic and got an 07 Fit before moving to Charleston.

For anyone who cares, EXTASY came from my 93 Civic EX(tasy).... but there are some who call me Aaron....

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