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Default What is Camber and Do I Need a Camber Kit?

By: SweetHonda24

Source: 2005 Superstreet Buyer's Guide. Ricky Chu. Primedia Specialty Group, Inc. (2004). Pages 166-67.

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Default What is camber and do I need a camber kit?

Do you need a camber kit for your car?

A general rule that has been around for quite a while is if you're lowered past 1.5" then yes, you need a camber kit.

There are several variables to this rule, though. My personal car is lowered 1.75" and I run without a camber kit and I do not have uneven tire wear. Why? Alignment!

Toe in will eat away a tire many times faster than excessive camber. You can picture this easily because with toe in, your tire is actually being dragged slightly when your car is moving forward, where as camber is more weight bearing on the inside of the tire. Tires can hold up to quite a bit of weight with proper air pressure. A vertical unbalanced load on the tire is not as bad as a horizontal uneven load (i.e. toe in drag). Honda cars allow for factory toe in adjustment, but little or no camber adjustment.

A good 4 wheel alignment is a necessity a week or two after a new suspension install. Remember not to do an alignment immediately as your springs will likely settle some.

Another factor into deciding if a camber kit is for you is the amount of torque your engine is putting to the wheels. A stock D series engine in your Civic isn't going to put the wear on tires like a higher-torque B series engine.

Third, there is a performance gain from negative camber. The cornering ability is improved at the cost of tire wear. If you auto-cross, you'll want some camber. If you are into drag racing, you'll want no camber. This is because you want maximum tire patch to the ground in a straight line, not around corners.
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Default What is camber and do I need a camber kit?

Tire width is also a factor to consider. You may have a car lowered over 2.5" (not reccomended) but if you're running 185/60/14 the tire is narrow enough that it will not wear as fast as a 205/40/17 would. The 14" tire may not even experience accelerated wear if properly rotated.

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