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Default d16y8 block

I have a silver ex civic 2000 all stock 5spd d16y8 block and head. finding out the hard way my car had a leak coming from underneath the engine but never had puddles underneath the car because the oil would just burn away when it hits the catylitic converter. i havnt done anything yet but im already assuming that the block is done for (couldnt even start my car anymore) when i finally did you could just hear the banging and the knocking coming from my engine. top parts are still in good condition all i need is to replace the block. i cant afford an upgrade to a dohc i just need a y8 block. what are my options, should i go to a junk yard and hope for the best, if so what would i need to do in order to make sure that the block il buy is in good condition. would i take that block to a machine shop like JIS and have them test it and like they would a head? what are the prices of a block from a junk yard, craiglist, ebay etc..? this is my daily driver the car beautiful i mean everything works just that damn block, help meeee,
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You can answer how much a y8 short block will cost on craigslist by simply going to it. Search for it man. Same will go for ebay but they will nail you on shipping.

I would rebuild it but it depends on how bad its knocking. Most likely a rod journal bearing is toast. Open it up and find out. If you have a good local machine shop, take it to them. If your crank's main journals and rod journals are bad, they can find one for you and rebuild it. It should cost you no more then $500 and thats giving you a high number. I can be cheaper.

If you buy one from the junk yard, only with warrenty in case its no good. ..

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