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Default 2006 evo MR

Sooo i drove my friends 2006 evo it was my first time ever driving a evo Man i got to tell u besides the turbo lagg it hauls ass man puts u in that seat like nuthin else out there now i no alot of u guys out there are like F@@@ evo and all that but u got to drive one hahah i was the same way !!!
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F@@@ Evo's

Originally Posted by chris42192 View Post
im searching for a FO' DO' FO' MO' HOE'
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never driven and EVO, just wrx's. I try not to drive fast cars because i can't drive mine for like a week afterwards. lol
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everytime i'm with my dad in his bmw he accelerates all fast, grips corners at high speeds, passes guys like they were on bikes...

..all the while in my head i'm thinking "my civic can do that too.."
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Yeah...AWD Turbo is a fun experience

The scary thing is you get used to it far too fast.
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Man that was my Dream car well I dunno bout this new EVO though... why must they mess with it.. Haven't they heard "if it ain't broke don't fix it?"

Same with the WRX...damn hatch! lol Well I bet it's fast. I envy you Mobigga.. wish I could drive one.. Best I drove was my cousins 2006 SI lol...hey that thing is fast too!
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