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Default The same as the coalition government of the hottest

Following the 'white collar', Runescape and 'gold collar' civil servants has become the most popular student 'red collar', income stability, welfare and security, promotion space 'golden rice bowl' much admired. However, the civil service unit also divided into three rank or grade, had wanted to confide in a red scarf yesterday coveted 'red collar gold', it would have to choose a good unit. Now, the 'war machine' (jz.91.com) 3 Steps to let you into the good 'unit' has a powerful armor, to experience the fun of fighting. Most promising 'Merchants' R D center systems soared combat Popularity: ★★★★★ Merchants Institute for determining the mining project, high wages and benefits once people jealous. runescape gold The same as the coalition government of the hottest R D center, the business center will enhance the body combat pilots. Union R D center 24-hour pilots provide free services to enhance the strength, when the pilot body level to Union requirements, can be realized through the development of core exchange center, the core openings, assembly Rising Star, the high-star body upgrades and other functions, achieve full body combat soaring! Super light effect is most beneficial 'bureau' Crystal consumption systems carry ammunition Popularity: ★★★★ Pricing is the price departments, provides goods to sell a dollar, traders dare not sell copy. The crystal system as the coalition government consumption, Runescape and 'bureau', charged with providing equipment, props exchange business. The pilots just to pay 10,000 points pink crystals, crystal shop can get open key technology, the rank and body experience are promoted, more usable direct conversion crystal syrup, magazines and other large equipment supplies. Now on-line quickly, Crystal route to perform daily tasks, not miss the opportunity to receive amethyst. The most powerful way undivided state 'police' super strengthen research skills with a super state Popularity: ★★★★★ police forces holding power, with police firearms naturally most Latin style. Super Enhancement 'war machine' coalition government is the strongest skill of the Institute, in order to improve the combat effectiveness without trouble, comprehensive combat bonus 'super combat power can strengthen skills', so that high-fighter division team gradually grow; lower body damage effects overclocking electromagnetic defense is home travel, rob and kill the necessary skills; one minute once the alien energy storm skills that will allow you to experience the thrill of the full screen in seconds strange, creatures grasp of the reins. Do not apply for which units headache, not to score and distress, join the 'war machine' of interstellar combat world, let the battle be more intense, allow themselves to be cute and envy the 'red collar' family! ?I just love the music I do, Runescape and 'mainland' Bard
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