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Default 1992 honda accord ex EGR problems

my 1992 honda accord ex with 190xxx is throwing a code for exhaust gas recirculation system, i figured it was the EGR Valve/Sensor Assemby, so i took it off and it was pretty carboned up but after a bath of parts cleaner the pintle was free and the vavle still had suction, so i popped it back on and took it for a run down the interstate, the code hit again, it seemed to only turn on when i reached cruising speeds like normal and had been driving about 4 to 5 minutes regardless. The check engine light only comes on when i drive, it shuts off when the car is shut off. so i replaced the egr, reset the code and it still kept throwing a code. I was thinking there might be a vacuum leak in the hose or a bad wire in the wiring to the connector of the sensor or a clogged catylitic converter but im not sure, i should have bought the egr delete kit.

sooo anyone have any clue to what it could be??
Thorin Flores
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92 honda accord, egrproblems

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