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Default d15b2 to ZC swap!!!

okay well one of the guys in my crew blew the head on hes engine and instead of replacing it we went out and bought a ZC from JAPEN its cool because it still had the dual carb intake manifold on it and a bunch of other wierd stuff but anyways i took lots of pics of us doing the swap ENJOY!!!!

Well first step was pulling axles and wiring harness radaitor and hoses and bla bla
after that jacked up underneath the engine and took off the first engine mount

well ofcourse after that mount unbolted all of the other ones and lowerd down on a jack we would of takin the tranny off but the starter bolt that goes into the block stripped soo we ended up taking the whole engine out and worring about it later

alright soo after all that pulled the old engine out and started pulling the intake manifold and alternator or bla bla bla off of it

this is a nother angle of the whole thing

Well oafter taking it all apart i saw this which reminded me of patas MILKSHAKE HAHA there u goo

unbolting the tranny and clutch

Here is the pic of the new engine NOW we would of used the same valve cover if my honie dident out a whole in it soo we unded up using the same valve cover oh well sooo here were bolting all of the stuff on it



Alright soo after it all we dropped it in bolted the first engine mount

so when we dropped the engine mount here comes the tranny ready to go as well wit hthe clutch

okay so after lets see started at 1:00pm dident get done until 2:00am with just three of us got her started up and she started up first time and ran bueutful and was just so perfect

well there it was job well done runs perfect and pulls alot more Hope u guys enjoy
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