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Default What Size Wheels Should I Get?

By Prowler

This all depends on what you want to accomplish with your car.

The main thing to remember here is that larger wheels weigh more, and this has a huge affect on acceleration. Also, the composition of the wheel matters (cast, forged, etc). For example, a lightweight 12 lb. wheel versus a 20 lb. wheel can affect a quarter mile run by nearly 3/10 of a second. For every pound more that a wheel weighs, it's like adding 10 lbs. to the car (rotational mass on a wheel is much more significant than dead weight in your trunk). The above example would mean 80 lbs. a corner heavier, times 4 wheels. And with 1/10 of a second gain in the quarter mile for every -100 lbs., the resulting acceleration gains are enormous.

A 15" wheel is ideal for drag racing, unless your brakes require a bigger wheel. Many companies, such as Rota, make wheels in the 4 or 5 bolt patterns and 15 x 7 sizes that weigh around 13 lbs. each and are very affordable. The cost benefit is even greater because 15" tires are much cheaper than 17" tires.

If the focus of your car is show, then obviously you won't win any competitions with factory sized wheels. Civics look best with 17" and 18" wheels. These usually do not cause any rubbing issues with a 2" lower and correct offset. 19" wheels can fit on the newer Civics, but require slight fender customization.

With Accords, 19" wheels are very possible on the newer models (98+), but also work on the 90-97 models.

One other note on buying wheels is that you should try to buy a package deal. This will save hundreds of dollars and will assure you get the correct size tires.

Some good websites for package deals include:


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