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Default How Much Should I Lower My Car?

Original Article Text by: SweetHonda24
Updates/Editing/Formatting by: 94accordex

Once again, this is a modification that depends on what route you are trying to go with your car, either performance or show.

Lowering 1"-2" will give your car a more aggressive look and will improve handling. Your OEM shocks will suffice, but it is recommended that a set of after-market shocks be purchased. After-market shocks will further increase your car's handling and also improve the ride quality. When lowering 1"-2" a camber kit* will most likely not be necessary, but is also a good idea. Lowering your car 1"-2" can be done by either lowering springs, coil-over sleeves, or true coil-over systems.

Lowering 2"-4" will give your car a more slammed look and usually eliminates fender-well gap. Expect your ride quality to be sacrificed the lower you make your car. Slammed cars tend to have bumpy rides or do the "import bounce". You will definitely need new shocks, but be careful, as many after-market shocks aren't warrantied past a 2" drop. A camber kit will also be necessary to prevent uneven tire wear. Lowering your car 2"-4" can be done by lowering springs (usually only to 2.5"), coil-over sleeves, or true coil-over systems.

Lowering your car more than 4" will require air bags or hydraulics. Airbags are pretty much restricted to show cars because they kill any performance gains expected by lowering the car, although ride quality is usually pretty decent. Expect to invest lots of time and money.

*Camber can sometimes be more/less depending on your wheels/tires

In terms of ride quality:

Coil-over Sleeves < Lowering Springs < True Coil-over Systems (generally)

Some reputable brands are:
  • Apex'i
  • D2
  • Eibach
  • Function & Form
  • Ground Control (made with Eibach springs)
  • H&R
  • HKS
  • Intrax
  • JIC
  • Koni
  • KYB
  • Neuspeed
  • Omnipower USA
  • Pic
  • Skunk2 (made with Eibach springs)
  • Sprint
  • Tanabe
  • Tein
  • Tokico
Stay away from these brands:
  • APC
  • Dropzone
  • Matrix
  • Toucan Industries (Ractive)
  • Zero1
These "cheapy" springs and coilover setups, usually found on eBay, provide horrible ride quality and potential safety hazards such as the perches unlocking and springs not fitting in the top hats. The price range of these setups is usually under $100. For under $150 however, Neuspeed and H&R setups can be found brand new at various online retailers.

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